One Parkersburg resident is signed to a country record deal.

Patrick Lawrence is a Parkersburg resident signing with Nashville Entertainment Weekly Records.

Lawrence is a legally blind person with albinism and has found his calling with country and bluegrass music.

He says that he has always wanted a chance to play his music for people and get on the road with a band.

Lawrence also says that he has fallen in love with playing the guitar ever since he got his hands on the instrument as a teenager.

“When I was a teenager somebody gave me a guitar and as soon as I started learning that guitar I just knew that I wanted to do it for a living. It became my number one passion. And, for awhile, I didn’t think I would get anywhere. I just kind of started just playing by myself, putting videos on the internet. And just making recordings, putting them on YouTube and just for my friends and family to see.

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