Patrick Stewart shares his reactions to speculations that he’s back as Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, as well as overwhelming excitement over the idea. Marvel Studios officially started the marketing campaign for the Sam Raimi and Benedict Cumberbatch film with the release of a teaser trailer tagged on to Spider-Man: No Way Home. It was the first full trailer, released during Super Bowl LVI, that caused an uproar, though. The Doctor Strange 2 trailer featured a lot of interesting moments, but arguably, people’s biggest takeaway was the tease for Stewart’s voice as Charles Xavier.

It’s been a few years since Disney bought Fox’s movie and TV assets, resulting in Marvel Studios regaining rights to X-Men, Fantastic Four, and all their tie-in characters. Still, Kevin Feige and his team have been mum about their plans on the mutants, particularly as a reboot of Marvel’s First Family is already in the works. It’s uncertain how the MCU will introduce the X-Men into the franchise, but the introduction of the multiverse allows them to bring in some of the beloved parts of Fox’s Marvel franchise, including Stewart’s mutant leader.

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