Restaurant owners are loving the warmer spring weather and the customers it brings, especially when it comes to outdoor dining.

Now, along with the sounds of happy and hungry diners, there will be music playing in the streets. Restaurants that have outdoor dining permits will soon be able to apply for a city permit to provide outdoor entertainment.

“We have lost over 200 full-service restaurants, 50 of which have closed permanently. We wanted to provide an opportunity to help businesses attract customers,” said City Councilwoman Katherine Gilmore Richardson.

The bill, introduced by Gilmore Richardson, was passed unanimously by city council and heads to Mayor Jim Kenney’s desk for a signature.

“We really needed an opportunity to support our local restaurants and our local arts and culture,” said Gilmore Richardson.

This bill could be signed as early as next week, giving eateries the chance to expand what’s on the menu for their guests and draw people in to spend.

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