It’s a fairly common exercise question: Which is better – Pilates or yoga?

Really, there is no “better” as both work on connecting the mind and body to strengthen and stretch the muscles. Most people will relate Pilates to the core and yoga to mind and relaxation.

They’re not wrong, but it’s difficult to explain the differences between the two unless you try classes for both a few times to actually feel the difference.

A number of yoga instructors are also Pilates instructors, including yours truly, because we are attracted to similar forms of mind-body wellness.

Personally, if you are recovering from an injury, especially the back, or lack core strength, I’d recommend Pilates. A decade ago, my mother suffered a herniated disc.

After the routine doctor’s visit and painkillers, she was referred to the physiotherapist for rehabilitation.

She learnt some stretches and strengthening exercises before the physiotherapist referred her back to me for Pilates!