Luca stars Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer and Emma Berman shared some insight into their characters, revealing how they most relate to the animated heroes.

“I definitely relate to Luca in a lot of things. I definitely relate to, I guess, his eagerness to go out and explore, especially right now,” Tremblay shared at a Disney press conference. “Because of COVID, I feel like we can all really relate to Luca in wanting to go out and just ride a Vespa through Italy. So yeah, I definitely relate to that.”

Tremblay also noted the “Silencio Bruno” scene, in which Luca overcomes his fears and awkwardness by labeling them “Bruno” and telling them to be silent, speaks to him as an actor. “You have to really go a hundred percent on all your performances or else it’s gonna fall flat. So I have to make sure I sound strong and step out of my comfortable zone.”

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