According to reports, Google is bringing its A-Game to the Pixel 6 range. That could mean cooler designs with big screens that can compete with a big, next-gen iPhone.

Early renders of the Google Pixel 6 Pro show a curved 6.67-inch display ̵

one pixel first – that, according to OnLeaks and Digit. In, has a single cutout for the front selfie camera.
This would put the display in the same league as the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Pixel 6 Pro:

6.67 inch curved display

Triple rear view camera

Fingerprint sensor in the display

Wireless charging and stereo speakers with floor release

But on the back, the design gets interesting. The overhaul (with a two-tone color scheme of orange and black on top) includes a black “horizontal camera island” that houses three cameras, Digit says.

If the rendered design is correct, it will be retrieved. Yes, Apple will be selling a ton of next-gen iPhones, but that doesn’t mean the iPhone 13 will win beauty pageants as it isn’t expected to differ noticeably from the iPhone 12.

Apart from a massive (according to Google standards) display, according to, the Pixel 6 Pro should have a design without a frame, with the exception of a small chin.

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