A New Chapter, A New beginning

After 6 months of intensive planning and work behind the scenes, We are finally ready to share our vision of circular economy with the world. Plastic Finance, a visionary circular economy token built to recycle, greenify, and socially empower through DeFI and Dapps outright implemented on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) framework.

Our Goals

We promote circular economy by improving plastic recycling system, empowering waste communities with the aim to elevate their standing in the society and also to democratize access to impact investing for a better world we are living.


We are proud to announce our private token sale, commencing right now. Investors will be selected on a merit-based approach, focusing on the strategic value they bring to Plastic Finance, and more importantly can resharpen Plastic Finance’s Vision. We will benchmark investors based on; Crypto portfolio experiences, problem-solving stewardships, accesses to crypto exchangers, and platform onboarding.

The main objective of our private token sale is to incorporate key stakeholders and community members of the DeFi & Circular Economy ecosystem that can help expand the Plastic Finance network in a meaningful way by forming a baseline for a healthy token economy.