Key vote on Jan. 6 bill not expected until later on Friday after Senate Republicans bog down the floor
From Ryan Nobles, Ted Barrett and Manu Raju

Republican senators have delayed passage of a massive bill designed to increase American competitiveness with China, and that means a key vote on the Jan. 6 commission bill has been delayed until later on Friday since it’s next up on the calendar.

The timing of the commission vote is still not known because it’s unclear how far Republicans will drag out the fight over the other bill.

Eight Republicans have requested time to speak on the floor overnight – for up to an hour each – to voice their objections to the Endless Frontier Act and what they say is a rushed process to make last-minute changes they have yet to review.

Among the senators slowing down the process: Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Rick Scott of Florida, Mike Lee of Utah and John Kennedy of Louisiana.

According to Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, who is the GOP Whip, Republicans would likely use 5 to 6 hours of their allotted time to speak on the floor overnight.

Then once that’s done, there are four votes on the China competition bill, with the last vote being the final vote to limit debate on that bill. After that final procedural vote, there is up to 30 hours of debate time. Thune said GOP senators want to use eight hours of that debate time.

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