Price inflation makes small business double their pricesInflation is taking a toll on our small local businesses. The cost for some foods has gone up significantly and it has made it more difficult to make some traditional holiday meals.

To afford the cost to make some of these foods, business owners have had to raise their prices to keep their business afloat. Making tamales on Christmas Eve is a holiday tradition for many Hispanics, but these prices are taking a major toll on a small local business owner.

Angelica Estrada is the owner of Angelica’s Delicious Tamales and she says she has had to double the price for her tamales in order to afford to make them.

“I’m being really honest with you it is hard as a small business, yes we are currently in our prime, but we still have to do deal with the price gauging right now,” explained Estrada.

The cost of vegetables is almost as expensive as the cost of meat right now. She says pork and chicken have doubled in price, but the price for beef has gone through the roof.

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