See the source imageCaroline County Public Schools would receive level funding next fiscal year under the budget proposed last week by County Administrator Charles Culley.

Culley is recommending a local transfer of $15.3 million to the school division in his budget for fiscal year 2023, which begins July 1—the same amount the schools received in the current fiscal year and about $1 million less than the schools requested.

Superintendent Sarah Calveric in her budget proposal asked for the new revenue in order to implement a 3% cost-of-living increase to all school division salaries.

Culley said he is recommending level funding because of the increased amount the school division is expected to receive from the state—an estimated $35.4 million, as compared to $29.8 million received from the state in the current fiscal year.

“The school budget is proposed to increase over 7 percent without any increase in local funds,” Culley said in an email Thursday.

Calveric said in her budget presentation to the School Board last month that increased state funding will allow the division to give all employees a 7 percent raise, but noted that will not move Caroline out of 14th place in a salary comparison of 16 regional school divisions.