Fender Mustang Micro guitar amp

Three lockdowns down, and I bet you didn’t quite get round to perfecting your guitar technique. Me neither. My sadly still-pristine Fender Telecaster has a thin layer of dust on it. My Mustang GT40 amp has mostly seen service these past 15 months as a foot rest (a very good one, too). My online Fender Play guitar lessons subscription has expired.

Such an opportunity wasted. If only this portable, personal Fender guitar amp had come out last year, I’d be the natural successor to Prince by now, without once bothering the neighbours.

The rechargeable Mustang Micro plugs neatly and directly into your guitar – no messy leads – and offers, just like a proper amp, a range of 12 different sounds and 12 effects into your wired headphones or earbuds – plus buttons to “lighten” or “darken”, as Fender puts it, the overall sound. It has Bluetooth streaming too, so you can accompany recorded music – and there’s no irritating latency.

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