As a culmination of independent solo music careers filled with three studio albums apiece, tours, gigs and song placements all over television and film comes The Imaginaries, a husband-wife duo that combines the talents of Maggie McClure and Shane Henry in a bluesy, dramatic debut album.

Though the pair have been writing and playing together for years, the idea of a collaborative album first came into play when they travelled to Muscle Shoals, Ala., to take part in producer John Cuniberti’s “The OneMic Series” on YouTube, which strives to capture organic, intimate, unedited sessions.

Due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances, including the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, the intended 2019 release for their debut album was pushed back to March 26, 2021, where it now marks the beginning of the duo’s official musical journey.

The Signal spoke with The Imaginaries for an in-depth conversation about their music, career and songwriting process. 

Why Music? What was it about music that inspired you to get into a career that’s recognized as being relatively difficult to succeed in? 

McClure: I really just connected to music at an early age. I started piano when I was five, and Shane started playing guitar when he was a kid. We both have similar stories — both of our parents were very influential, playing music for us growing up. I just always loved playing piano and singing; I started writing songs when I was eight years old. And I started getting karaoke tapes, and I would sing along with them — I just got introduced to so many amazing artists like Bonnie Raitt, Carole King, Norah Jones, Alycia Keys and I just ultimately got hooked. I got bit by the music bug, if you will.