Just one day after announcing that they would be entering a partnership with BetMGM, the Baltimore Ravens signed an agreement with Sportradar, a leading sports betting and sports entertainment provider. The New York Jets are also a part of the agreement, and the goal of Sportradar will be to help both teams maximize their performance from both a sponsor and new opportunity perspective.

Sportradar will also assist both the Ravens and the Jets by using data-driven marketing to help their overall engagement and customer acquisition, while also planning out effective marketing strategies for Baltimore’s sports betting partners. Mike Smith, who’s the Head of Advertising, US, at Sportradar, said the company is thrilled to be working with the two teams.

“Sportradar is thrilled to be working with the Jets and the Ravens on this strategic initiative in the ever-evolving US market…Legalized sports betting presents new and unique opportunities for teams, as well as betting operators, and the Jets and Ravens are taking a step in raising the value of their brands for their respective betting sponsors.

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