Bucyrus City Council at-large members Mark Makeever, Kevin Myers and Dan Wirebaugh, from left, discuss an issue during the March 1 regular council meeting. Mayor Jeff Reser is at right.

Before allowing citizens to speak during the Bucyrus City Council Finance Committee meeting Thursday night, chairman Dan Wirebaugh had a few things to say.

“I think I know why most of you are here,” he said.

In his State of the City speech on Tuesday, Mayor Jeff Reser suggested reducing or eliminating the city’s income tax credit for residents who work in other communities. Currently, Bucyrus gives 100% credit for residents who pay income tax of up to 2% in another community where they work.

“I, too, along with a lot of you, find it a little bit offensive that the mayor would imply that citizens working outside Bucyrus were not contributing their fair share,” Wirebaugh said. “Whether that’s what he meant or not, I know that’s how a lot of the public has taken it.

“And I, as finance chair, I’m not ready to talk about any kind of tax increase on anyone working in Bucyrus or out of town until one, we annex the areas that meet the city’s annexation policy. It’s time these companies put some skin in the game. There’s $12 million in additional taxable income in these areas. Second, we start lowering our citizens’ water rates; and third, not until the Buffalo Storm Water separation fee expires, and that’s in 2027. So if it’s up to me, I don’t want to see anything happen till ’27.”

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