ROANOKE, Va. – Recognizing what it’s like to walk on thin ice during the coronavirus pandemic, a local frozen dessert business wants to give back to charities.

Starting April 21, every Wednesday, Chillin Shaved Ice, located on Riverland Road, will raise funds and will partner with a local non-profit in Roanoke.

10% of the organization’s profits and all of its tips will go to the highlighted organization.

Co-owner Andrew Beltram coined the name of the program: Chillin’ Ice Doin’ Nice.

After experiencing a tough year with the pandemic, Beltram and his co-owner Melanie Crovo, wanted a way to acknowledge non-profits who are trying to survive too.

Planning to open the frozen dessert shop in April of last year, Beltram said they ended up opening in late June because of licensing delays and freezer shortages during the pandemic.

“Last year, there was a shortage of freezers because everyone was buying them to store meat because of a fear of a meat shortage,” Beltram said.

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