Rod Stewart’s wife, Penny Lancaster, has made another career change.

After switching up her profession a handful of times, the 50-year-old star is now working as a police officer in London.

According to The Sun, the model-turned-photographer-turned-television personality chose to begin training after appearing on “Famous and Fighting Crime,” which saw celebrities shadow UK police officers. She recently qualified as an officer.

She’s been busy at work, it seems, as late last week, she stopped a man urinating in public while she was out-and-about on duty, the outlet reports.

The star was seen wearing a bowler hat and a stab-proof jacket that reads “City of London Police,” as can be seen in images obtained by The Sun. She told the man off and instructed him to clean up after himself.

A full-fledged special constable, Lancaster was equipped with a personal radio, handcuffs, a taser and a baton.

The former model’s talents in the field previously came in handy when she saved the life of a suicidal woman.

According to the outlet, she recently appeared on “Good Morning Britain” and opened up about her experience working in law enforcement.