When Glitter Mom co-owners Mid Bowdle and Nypashia Dyre started a fundraiser for a softball league, neither owner imagined the success it would eventually lead to as they opened a second store in Chillicothe.

At the time, Dyre’s husband was working with Bowdle to get the league up and running, and the pair started working together to make glitter shirts as a fundraiser.

“When the fundraiser was over, we kept getting calls and messages for people trying to order, and so we made the decision to make it into a business,” said Dyre.

“She’s a former teacher, I’m an X-ray tech, I never thought I’d make shirts in my life, and here we are,” said Bowdle.

After two years of making shirts out of their own houses, the pair purchased a storefront in Frankfort in 2016.

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