Greg Schiano enters his second year at Rutgers University, at least, his second stint. Schiano learned a thing or two from former Ohio State and Florida head coach Urban Meyer. Meyer, who is now the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars after coming out of retirement, had Schiano as his defensive coordinator at Ohio State from 2016-18.

When talking about recruiting at Rutgers this time around, Schiano was asked about what he learned from Meyer and how he and his Rutgers staff hit the ground running over the last two years.

“We’re excited about the way recruiting is going,” Schiano said at Big Ten Media Day. “This second go-round. I think a couple of things. No. 1, we have a great staff. (Director of player personnel) Eric Joseph, who leads our recruiting department, does an incredible job. Our staff works very, very hard at recruiting.

I really believe Rutgers, in the Big Ten, what a great opportunity for young student-athletes to be in the New York metropolitan area to be playing football at a great academic institution. It’s, ‘Why shouldn’t we go there,’ not, ‘Why should you?’ And I believe that, so it’s easy for me to go and share that with young people and their families. It’s easy for our coaching staff to do. … And you mentioned it was a great experience working with everyone.

“I’ve said this before, I thought I was one of the hardest working recruiters in the business. And when I worked for Urban, I saw a guy that that trumped me for sure so, I stole some ideas from him how to do things and the intensity that’s required at the upper level and recruiting so great experience and I’m excited about the players we’re bringing in the thing that’s most important to me is our place isn’t for everybody.