Don’t worry if you can’t justify the outlay for Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook 2 — there should soon be a more affordable option. Android Police reports that the company has quietly published details for the Galaxy Chromebook Go, an entry-level Chrome OS machine that mates familiar styling with lower-cost hardware.

The Galaxy Chromebook Go boasts a slightly larger 14-inch screen versus the 13-inch display of its higher-end counterpart, but you’re otherwise looking at a modest portable. You’ll have to be content with a 768p standard LCD instead of the 1080p QLED panel, for a start. There’s only a Celeron N4500 chip inside (no Core i3 option here), and the base configuration ships with 32GB of expandable storage versus the Galaxy Chromebook 2’s 64GB. Versions with up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage are available.

This isn’t to say you’ll be without any creature comforts. The Chromebook Go will ship with Wi-Fi 6 networking and have the option of LTE for always-on internet access. This is also a relatively easy-to-carry system that weighs just under 3.2lbs

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