Unseen person standing in front of a table preparing food and holding a smartphone.

In the United States, about 37 million people have diabetes.1 Another 37 million people have kidney disease.

A key part of managing these chronic conditions is nutrition. However, patients often don’t get the support they need to make beneficial changes to their diets.

To address the gap, a new online platform called Season Health is working with registered dietitian-nutritionists to create personalized meal plans for people managing diabetes and kidney disease. And they hope to one day be covered by insurance plans.

Season Health offers support that is based on a person’s medical history and food preferences. The plans can help people manage their health through nutrition.

In addition to providing medical nutrition therapy, the platform uses Instacart and Uber Eats to help coordinate food delivery for patients.

Josh Hix, CEO and cofounder of Season Health, told Verywell that the goal of Season Health is “to have a scalable platform using food as medicine.”

The platform is currently supporting just two chronic diseases—diabetes and kidney disease—but Hix hopes to expand to support other chronic illnesses as well.

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes or kidney disease, they are often referred to a registered dietitian. They may prescribe a patient a meal plan or make specific nutrition recommendations for managing a condition.

If a patient would benefit from additional support, Hix said a provider could then prescribe the Season platform. Think of it as an “easy button” for healthcare providers who need personalized meal plans for patients and more support that is not being provided in the medical community.

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