The college football world has been drastically altered in the past few months, beginning with Texas and Oklahoma making the decision to leave the Big 12 and move to the SEC. Many have speculated about whether or not the schools will pay to leave the Big 12 before the grant of rights expires in 2025.

But Saturday morning on SEC Nation, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey stated that the plan is still to target the 2025 season as the timeline to expect the schools to join the league.

“We’ve talked about the ‘25 season,” Sankey said. “Yesterday (with Big 12 expansion) was an interesting day. Everybody has relationships, a lot of work to do, we’re focused on ‘25. We wanted to be respectful, even though when you go through conference transition, people will throw that back at me.

But credit to the SEC and the University of Texas, and the University of Oklahoma, who wanted to be a part of this great conference. We’re going to have an orderly transition and that’s why we’re focused on ‘25. But I’m a pretty adaptable person.”

Because of how controversial the move to the SEC was to some, the thought of Oklahoma and Texas buying their way out of the contract early has been floated out as a possible move. But, of course, it would be a costly move to make if that is the route that the Sooners and Longhorns go.