Ben Barnes and his luxe fabric coats are ready to dazzle you in Shadow and Bone, which premieres this Friday on Netflix.

Adapted from Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling fantasy trilogy, the series follows Alina (Jesse Mei Li), an orphaned teenager whose life is upended when she demonstrates the ability to summon light. Her newly discovered gift puts her in the path of General Kirigan (Barnes), a powerful man who’s been searching for someone of her talents.

As the charming leader of the Grisha — a secular group that practices the Small Science, aka magic — Kirigan possesses the ability to summon and manipulate darkness. Alina’s sun-summoning power compliments his own and is key to his mysterious plans for the Fold: a dangerous stretch of land shrouded in impenetrable darkness which also connects the Ravkan capital to its port cities on the western coast.

In the books, Kirigan is known mostly as the Darkling. But in the Netflix series, he operates under the name Kirigan for reasons that will become clear once you delve into the eight-episode first season. Despite the name change, Barnes says his take on the recognizable character isn’t comparatively different to his book counterpart.

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