Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf appeared in court on Thursday, May 26, and was ordered to complete a judicial diversion program within 12 months, after which his misdemeanor charges of battery and petty theft stemming from a June 2020 confrontation would get dropped and he would avoid jail time.

According to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, the actor must complete at least one therapy session a week, during which he would undergo anger management; wear a SoberLink device, continued random alcohol testing and continue to participate in a 12-step program to remain sober; avoid using force or violence; not own or possess any weapons and turn over any to law enforcement if he does; remain 100 yards away from the victim and have no contact with them; remain 100 yards away from the location of the confrontation and obey all laws and orders of the court.

A source close to LaBeouf confirmed the information to E! News. The actor has not commented publicly about the case. He is due back in court in August.