Home cooks are obsessing over a nifty $20 kitchen gadget that can slice fruits, vegetables and even meat without using a chopping board.

Julianna Claire, from the US, shared her glowing review on social media after she stumbled across the $19.74 Viiwuu food cutter scissors on Amazon.

Shoppers can efficiently slice ingredients directly into a frying pan or a bowl without the need to wash up your working space after cutting, saving time in the kitchen.

‘This food chopper is a cutting board and knife in one convenient tool,’ Julianna said in her Instagram Reel.

‘You use it like a pair of scissors and it easily slices fruits, vegetables and other produce like fish and meats, cutting down on prep time. You never have to worry about nicking your fingers with a knife.

‘It’s compact so it easily stores in your drawer when you’re done.’

Her video has since been viewed more than 39,000 times with many describing it as ‘genius’ and one of the ‘most satisfying’ kitchen gadgets they’ve seen.

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