Make a difference to the elderly at a hinge point in their lives. Found, own, and run a business, fulfilling a dream. Create jobs.

Those were Jennifer Murillo’s goals when she opened PorchLight Move Management in Madison. The company’s mission: Serve the relocation needs of the elderly across Connecticut.

The pandemic struck virtually on opening day in 2020, but fortunately, PorchLight Move Management earned “essential business” designation, allowing operations to continue.

“The state did not shut us down because folks in their 70s and 80s were not about to stop relocating,” Murillo said. “Nor did they stop selling their homes, generally to downsize their living space. Condo complexes, retirement homes, and assisted-living facilities require less attention, less hassle, and often less expense.”

Those benefits bring tremendous stress, however, Murillo said. You must part with furniture, furnishings, collections, and treasured mementos, that have often been accumulated over a half-century. They occupy emotional space, but in the new home there will not be the physical space for them.

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