snake eyes

The social media embargo for the “GI-Joe” movie spinoff “Snake Eyes” has lifted, and it looks like the movie has, uh, rolled itself as the early reactions are overwhelmingly negative.Fans who saw recent early screenings generally had praise for co-star Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow, but that’s generally it. The rest, with a few exceptions, was pretty thoroughly dismissed.

Feedback for the movie, which focuses on the fan-favorite masked commando’s origins (played by Henry Golding), ranged from constructive criticism to outright reading for filth. Some fans complained about its pacing, others about the story and script, and quite a few about the aesthetic choices of director Robert Schwentke.

“Ultimately is all hiss and no strike. There are some truly breathtaking action sequences but they get muddled down by the weak plot” was the verdict of That Hashtag Show.

“It’s a generic origin story with one strong performance by Andrew Koji,” said critic Aaron Neuwirth.

And even TheWrap’s resident Snake Eyes fanboy, Umberto Gonzales, came away with a bad taste in his mouth, calling the movie, and we quote, “an unmitigated disaster.”

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