Anya Taylor-Joy is hosting Saturday Night Live’s season 46 finale, and she’s getting help from musical guest Lil Nas X. The pair joined cast member Chris Redd for some new promos released on Thursdays, and they have a lot of confidence in their upcoming episode.

“It’s the last show of the season y’all, and we saved the best for last!” Redd excitedly declares as the masked trio stand side-by-side on the iconic Studio 8H stage. “Well, we want to be humble,” Taylor-Joy replies. “The other shows were great too.”

“Naw, this is the best one,” Lil Nas X assures her, as she enthusiastically agrees, sharing, “Yeah, you’re right it is!”

Redd enthusiastically asks for a group hug to celebrate their confidence, but is roundly shot down by both in the kind of brilliantly awkward moment that Redd knows how to pull off to perfection.

In a separate promo sketch, Redd tells the Queen’s Gambit star and the “Montero” artist, “Man, I’m gonna miss you guys over the summer.”

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