View through Montana ranch entrance to rangeland with a view of central Montana’s snow covered Crazy Mountains in the background, The Crazy Mountains rise to over 11,000 feet and are located north of Interstate-90 between Billings and Bozeman Montana; they can be seen for many miles along this stretch of Interstate.

Snowflake, the cloud data analytics vendor that held the biggest U.S. software IPO ever last year, has become the latest tech company to jettison California.

In its earnings press release on Wednesday, Snowflake’s dateline showed up as “No-Headquarters/BOZEMAN, Mont.” As recently as May 3, when the company announced the date of its first-quarter earnings report, that same line said “SAN MATEO, Calif.”

Snowflake’s SEC filing on Wednesday showed an address in Bozeman for its executive office. The company explained why in a footnote:

“We are a Delaware corporation with a globally distributed workforce and no corporate headquarters. Under the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rules, we are required to designate a ‘principal executive office.’ For purposes of this report, we have designated our office in Bozeman, Montana as our principal executive office, as that is where our Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer are based.”

Snowflake will still have a large operation in Silicon Valley, and even went through a recent massive redesign of its San Mateo office to prepare for the eventual return of employees.

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