South Portland seeks residents to help determine city health needs -  Portland Press Herald

The South Portland Board of Health is seeking applicants for a citizen advisory committee that will help guide the city’s Community Health Needs Assessment.

The assessment will determine what the community’s health needs are and what gaps in South Portland services need filling.

“What the Board of Health concluded, a little over a year ago, was there wasn’t necessarily enough data to make that determination,” said Bridget O’Connor, vice chairperson of the board.

The assessment, which is being conducted by the Boston-based public health consultant company John Snow Inc. at a cost of $29,968, began in February.

“A lot of the data that we have was collected before COVID started, So there’s a lag in data,” said Natalie Truesdell, who is heading up the assessment for the consulting company.

Some of the data Truesdell hopes to uncover, she said, are shifts in the senior and youth populations, common health conditions of South Portland residents, and how frequently resources, like hospitals and clinics, are used.