Space Jam: A New Legacy director Malcolm D. Lee has an unexpected actor in mind to lead the next Space Jam sequel, should it come to fruition.

“Dwayne Johnson would be an interesting choice,” Lee told EW. “It would be different. I’m not sure what his skillset would be, maybe he goes back to wrestling. That might be interesting.” Lee noted Michael Jordan and LeBron James have set the bar so high in their respective films due to their athletic notoriety on the basketball court. With only a few basketball stars living up to the same standards, Lee boiled his options down to Johnson, who — outside of his wrestling career — played college football as a defensive tackle with the Miami Hurricanes at the University of Miami. His college football career even helped him score projects such as Disney’s The Game Plan and HBO’s Ballers.

Starring LeBron James, the Looney Tunes and a whole plethora of Warner Bros. staples, Space Jam: A New Legacy is now playing in theaters and on HBO Max.

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