Kayhan Space, a startup based in Boulder, Colorado, announced Dec. 14 it has closed a $3.75 million seed funding round. The company developed a cloud-based collision-avoidance software service for low Earth orbit satellite operators.

The funding round was co-led by Initialized Capital and Root Ventures, with participation from Overline venture capital and Jacob Helberg, a senior adviser at the Stanford University Center on Geopolitics and Technology.

The company’s space situational awareness and collision avoidance system, called Kayhan Pathfinder, is offered as a subscription-based software as a service. The analytics platform ingests data from U.S. Space Command’s public space catalog, commercial data providers and satellite operators’ own GPS positioning signals, and uses artificial intelligence algorithms to simulate scenarios and generate maneuver plans for operators so they can avoid collisions.

Kayhan’s CEO and co-founder Siamak Hesar previously was a space situational awareness specialist for NASA missions. In an interview, he said the company’s collision-avoidance system is entering the market at a crucial time when space is becoming congested and satellite operators need precise information and timely alerts to avoid collisions.

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