A select Senate committee Monday got underway on stitching together a handful of marijuana implementation measures with the aim of a single bill reaching the full Senate.

Last week the House passed three major proposals — House bills 701, 707 and 670 — onto the Senate, where they are expected to blend together in some fashion through the upper chamber’s process.

The Senate’s Select Committee on Marijuana Law met for the first time Monday.

Committee Chair Jason Ellsworth, a Republican from Hamilton, said during the hearing lawmakers can work on amendments as the bills are introduced throughout the week. By Thursday, he said, the committee should have whittled the three proposals into two. Amendments will be introduced to committee by Friday, and by Monday the remaining two proposals should be lodged into one bill to be presented to the Senate floor.

“That should allow for this to flow through correctly and to make all of our deadlines,” Ellsworth said.

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