Inspired by Loki’s experience in his Marvel Studios show, a new fan-art imagines Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home also dealing with the TVA.

The TVA from Marvel’s new Disney+ series Loki arrests Peter Parker in new Spider-Man: No Way Home fan-art. Tom Hiddleston’s ongoing series sees the God of Mischief working, albeit begrudgingly, with Agent Mobius M. Mobius from the Time Variance Authority. Despite being recently introduced to the MCU, the organization has apparently been in existence for a long time, determining what happens in the Sacred Timeline and ensuring that it stays on course.

Marvel Studios is expected to establish the multiverse throughout Phase 4, with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness tipped to directly address it. WandaVision was expected to lay the foundations for the concept, but, in the end, the inaugural MCU TV show was a more character-driven effort focused on Scarlet Witch’s grief and trauma. Now, Loki is more explicitly setting it up thanks to the ending of episode 2 wherein the Scared Timeline is bombed, creating multiple branches. Jon Watts’ upcoming Spider: Man: No Way Home is also expected to factor into the franchise efforts to introduce the idea of the Multiverse, with the film rumored to be a live-action version of the SpiderVerse.

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