Welcome back to the Spotlight: the blog with more longevity (but far less financial backing) than the European Super League (ESL). OK, maybe that’s not saying a lot, as the ill-fated collection of 10 of the most preeminent soccer clubs in Europe announced the formation of a new league that threatened to shake the time-honored foundations of the soccer world—only to have (as of this writing) eight clubs back-out within less than three days of such announcement. While a crisis appears to have been averted – at least for the time being – lawsuits amongst the ESL member clubs may be on the horizon. Until then, let’s get into what else is making headlines this week:

Kobe Bryant’s estate is moving on from its sneaker deal with Nike and setting out for a new brand suitor in a move without parallel in professional basketball and sneaker endorsement history. Whichever brand lands the endorsement deal is certain to create a watermark in the marketing and valuation of deceased legends’ sneaker brands.

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