Arundel has long produced some of our favourite bottle cages. For me, the original Mandible Carbon remains my pick of the bunch for its bottle-holding security, low weight, reliability, and versatile looks. Meanwhile, the Dave-O is the favourite of our Global Tech Editor James Huang for the same reasons. However, neither of these carbon cages are cheap.

Enter the Mandible Sport, a nylon-reinforced plastic cage based on the Dave-O carbon cage. At 49 g, it’s 17 grams heavier than the Dave-O carbon. Similarly that material isn’t quite as rigid in its construction as the carbon version. But beyond those two sacrifices, it manages to tick just about every other box a good bottle cage should.

The cage features two sets of mounting holes for extra control over placement height. And the one-piece construction also seems impressively durable with no rubber or similar to wear or get lost. The cage can certainly take a knock, too.

Most importantly, the cage flexes to fit the bottle, providing rattle-free security without a death grip that can make sippy time tricky. We fitted these cages to a number of our test bikes at the recent Australian-based Field Test.

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