Off to the island, Chris Parker, Candy Lane, Angela Bloomfield and Art Green.

A new season of Celebrity Treasure Island starts tomorrow — but a sad turn of events sees one celebrity quit.

This series, which was filmed on a deserted beach in Northland, sees the 21 contestants divided into three teams.

The Bosses team includes Art Green, Edna Swart, Jess Tyson, Joe Naufahu, Lance Savali, Tegan Yorwarth and Candy Lane.

They’ll be up against the Jokers team, featuring Brynley Stent, Chris Parker, JJ Fong, Joe Daymond, Kim Crossman and Lana Searle.

The third team — the Legends — holds the majority of sports stars, including Buck Shelford, Anna Simcic, Casey Frank, Huriana Manuel, Richie Barnett, Tammy Davis and Angela Bloomfield.

The Bosses team member who decides that the best thing to do is walk away this week is one of the strongest contenders in the competition and fellow campmates are shocked at the departure. No spoilers — but Spy understands it is a tear-jerker.

Over on the Jokers team, the king of the crack-ups is Parker who, during lockdown, has kept people entertained on social media and does the same on the show.