text: Hold Still Vincent

Three days after Hold Still, Vincentwas released on all available audio platforms, the star-studded podcast about the 1982 murder of Vincent Chin was disabled by its producers after activist Helen Zia, who represents the Chin estate, revealed that neither she nor Chin’s family had been contacted about the project.

“I’m not dead yet and it’s weird hearing/seeing myself fictionalized by people who have never tried to connect with me or the Estate,” wrote Zia on her Instagram account May 27, a day after all five episodes of Hold Still, Vincent were released. After the state of Michigan sentenced Chin’s killers to three years of probation and a $3,000 fine, Zia, a key leader in the Asian American civil rights movement, helped spearhead the appeal to have the case retried in federal court. She was portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran in the table read of Hold Still, Vincent, a feature screenplay by Johnny Ngo that forms the basis of the podcast.

The project originated in 2017 with Ngo and his manager, Writ Large’s Bash Naran, with A-Major Media’s Mary Lee coming on board in January 2020. In April, amid heightened mainstream awareness of anti-Asian American violence, Hold Still, Vincent was unveiled as an upcoming QCODE podcast with Gemma Chan producing alongside Lee and M88 managing partner Phillip Sun.

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