Many Republicans have trouble accepting some election realities, and many Democrats struggle with others.

It’s time for Republicans to stop wasting energy jousting at windmills of “stolen elections.” The 2020 election is official. Joe Biden is president. Post-election lawsuits failed because complex claims of material fraud couldn’t be fairly and conclusively addressed given the evidence available. A quick but thorough examination “on the merits” was too much to expect.

Democrats should quit resisting fair and necessary election controls that are the foundation of fair, honest elections, such as voter identification and ballot control. And controls must be established in advance of problems. Otherwise, minor mischief inevitably grows into significant problems.

It matters not if you believe a combination of fraud and errors affected the 2020 election. It’s over. But expressing the sentiment that problems occurred in 2020 is not a crackpot conspiracy theory. Common sense leads us to conclude that human nature, combined with opportunity and a righteous desire to win, makes election mischief inevitable. That’s especially true because controls were reduced in 2020 over COVID concerns.

Complicating matters, the passage of HR1, the “For the People Act,” by the U.S. House of Representatives is an attempt by Democrats to formalize and federalize the COVID relaxation of election controls.