Steve Rogers’ final mission to return all the Infinity Stones after Thanos’ defeat in Avengers: Endgame is imagined as a six-part comic book run.

Steve Rogers returning all the Infinity Stones after Avengers: Endgame is imagined as a six-part comic book series in new fan art. Marvel Studios is now moving away from the Infinity Saga by focusing on Phase 4. But there’s still continued clamor about what exactly went down during the former Captain America’s final mission after the defeat of Thanos.

After the Mad Titan was taken down, there was only one mission left: return all six Infinity Stones that were collected during the time heist to prevent any branches in the timeline. Endgame only saw the beginning and the supposed end of that adventure for Steve, leaving everyone asking what exactly happened to him during his multiple jumps in the past. So although Marvel Studios has essentially moved on and the MCU now even has a new Captiain America in Sam Wilson, there’s still clamor to see Steve accomplishing his final task. Initially, the idea has been pitched as a film or even a series on Disney+, but as seen in these new illustrations, it could also be through comics.

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