The Strictly Come Dancing judge, 60, had to dash to A&E for medical attention after slicing her hand open on broken shards of glass which led to “blood everywhere.”

Professional performer Shirley took to her Instagram Stories to document the incident and explained that knew she needed to get emergency help after the shards of glass cut through her flesh.

She said in clips posted to her Stories: “This morning, I sliced my hand and it went so deep that it’s really really through the flesh.

“There was blood everywhere, so I’m now at A&E and I think I’m going to have a few stitches. Watch this space.”

Shirley explained how she was getting an X-Ray done during her hospital visit as she added: “I think it’s gone all the way through to the tendons so they’re going to send me to another hospital.”

Brave Shirley also showed the gash to her fans in clips and said: “Being as strong as I can. Ready to check the tendon damage. It looks small but extremely painful.”

The star later shared that she had to cover her hand in a plastic covering to protect it from moisture before sharing that she was given seven stitches.

“All bagged up now, and ready to go in the shower to attempt to do everything with my left hand,” she explained.

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