The American Players Theatre brought audiences back to its hill stage Saturday for the first opening night in two years.

“It feels like home,” artistic director Brenda DeVita said. “And to be out here with people in the audience, it feels right.”

For the Spring Green outdoor theater to open this season, DeVita said she had to communicate with fans.

“They were waiting for us to say when we felt it was right, and we were waiting for them to tell us they were ready to come,” she said.

The theater is enforcing a mask rule for everyone besides actors on stage, and audiences will be capped at 25 percent. Meanwhile some fans said they weren’t nervous about anything.

“We’re vaccinated,” Valerie Mau, who came to watch a show with her husband, said. “People are really conscientious, and we’re feeling good.”

Fans are also returning indoors to movie theaters. “It’s been almost two years, so this is huge,” Brenda Seubert said at the Marcus Palace Cinema on Saturday.

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