T-Mobile, TikTok, AT&T and more scrap CES 2022 plans due to COVID-19 - CNET

T-Mobile, AT&T, TikTok and other tech companies are scaling back their CES 2022 plans because of COVID-19 concerns. T-Mobile announced Tuesday that CEO Mike Sievert is no longer scheduled to deliver a keynote presentation either in person or virtually and that the company is planning to “significantly limit” its physical presence at the show. Meta and Twitter, meanwhile, said the same day that they’d decided not to attend in person.

On Wednesday, TikTok and AT&T followed, with the social media company announcing that its CES presence will now be a virtual experience and the carrier saying it’s ditching on-site attendance. CES is set to take place during the first week of January, in Las Vegas.

T-Mobile said the “vast majority” of its team wouldn’t be heading to Vegas, though the company will remain as a sponsor. “We are prioritizing the safety of our team and other attendees with this decision,” the carrier said in a statement.

“T-Mobile’s entire team looks forward to an in-person CES 2023, which we hope includes an on-stage keynote in front of a live audience.”

TikTok cited the uptick in COVID cases in the US as the Omicron variant spreads. “In light of the increase in positive COVID-19 cases across the country,” it said in a statement, “TikTok has decided to host a virtual TikTok CES experience for our brands and partners.”

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