Tara Reid on taking time away from Hollywood to heal after being 'bullied'  by tabloidsTara Reid is making a comeback.

The American Pie actress, 45, was certainly among the celebrities to suffer amid the misogyny of 2000s pop culture. She was a regular in the tabloids of that era, alongside Britney, Lindsay and Paris, with an ongoing narrative about how she was a drunken party girl (boosted along by a stint in rehab). Her love life was also dissected, due to a broken engagement from Mr. TRL himself, Carson Daly, and a dalliance with Tom Brady. Perhaps the nastiest stuff was body shaming over a botched breast augmentation and ridiculing her wardrobe malfunctions.

Now on the other side, Reid told E! News that having tabloids and websites out to “destroy” her “hurt.” But she’s reclaiming her narrative.

“It went from everyone loving you, being the ‘It’ girl, doing everything and then the power of the media, even now, is very strong,” Reid said. “It was tough, because you went from, ‘OK, this is great, this is fun!’ to ‘Oh my gosh, what are they saying?!’ It started hurting my feelings.”