Still looking for your tax refund check to show up in your bank account or mailbox? You’re not alone. Many taxpayers are also waiting for their refunds still. With the advance child tax credit payments starting July 15 and weekly batches of stimulus checks going out — along with processing tax returns and tax refunds — the IRS is busier than usual this time of year. If you’re still waiting for your refund, here’s what could be holding up your money and how to check its status online.

The IRS tries to hit a “21 days or less” timeline for sending refunds, but some returns will take longer to process. If there’s an error or your return is incomplete it may take longer than expected. Fortunately, the IRS has online tools that can give you personalized information on the status of your tax refund.

We’ll help you dig into why your refund could be held up and how to track it, using the handy IRS tools. For more on the IRS, if you have children, you have several ways to know if you qualify for the advance monthly child tax credit payments that start next month. As a side note, you also have ways to track your third stimulus check if that hasn’t arrived in the latest round of payments. We’ve updated this story recently