It’s easy for an older guy like me — 63 now — to complain about not being able to keep up with technology. Younger people expect us old folks to be technologically deficient. The truth is, I’m not as bad as some. Using Apple-everything these days eliminated my part-time job as an in- “house” (I am referring to our home) computer technician.

That said, my wife recently questioned why I like old cars as much as I do when new ones are more reliable and always drive so much better. The reason is that I understand them. For example, we just got rid of a newer-model BMW that had features such as self-parking and snow mode — that I never used or even tried because there were just too many knobs and buttons to figure out how to use them.

Not to mention the classroom technology I had to learn how to use at the Walton College over the COVID pandemic — technology that allows us to have live classes and seamlessly incorporate virtual students from anywhere at the same time. It was a struggle at first but turned out to be a game-changer.

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