Two teenage entrepreneurs are hoping to inspire other young kids to become business owners.

The Newton County brothers have been in business for several years selling a variety of accessories including bow ties.

Jabez Jenkins is 15-years-old and his younger brother Christopher is 14 years old. After successfully launching Kings and Gents accessories in 2018, they’re now hosting virtual workshops to teach other young men the steps to successfully start their own business venture.

“We want to see other kids be successful just like us,” Jabez explained.

The Jenkins brothers first began sharpening their sewing skills when they were just toddlers.

“You got the pedal at the sewing machine,” Christopher explained. “It’s like driving a car. It makes you feel good.”

When Jabez was 9, the brothers said he made bow ties and hair bows for his classmates during career day at his school.

The family told us the products sold out in minutes and they knew this could be a success.

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