Oklahoma and Texas have taken the necessary step toward joining the SEC and forming college football’s first super conference. On Tuesday, the two schools filed a joint letter formally requesting admission to the conference beginning on July 1, 2025.

“The University of Texas at Austin and the University of Oklahoma sent the request below to Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey this morning,” the statement reads. “The joint request seeks an invitation for membership in the SEC starting on July 1, 2025. The two universities look forward to the prospect of discussions regarding the matter.”

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey released his own statement acknowledging the letter, but noted officially that the conference has “not proactively sought new members.” Still, the transition seems imminent.

Conference presidents and chancellors have reportedly scheduled a meeting for Thursday to discuss adding the two blue-bloods. A three-fourth’s majority vote — equal to 11 of the conference’s 14 members — must approve expansion in order to add teams.

“The University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas, two esteemed academic institutions with storied athletics programs, today submitted formal requests for invitations to become members of the Southeastern Conference in 2025,” Sankey said.

“While the SEC has not proactively sought new members, we will pursue significant change when there is a clear consensus among our members that such actions will further enrich the experiences of our student-athletes and lead to greater academic and athletic achievement across our campuses.”