Texas High School Football Weight Room

Brand new weight rooms, top-notch turf fields, and weight rooms that look like an NFL franchise, welcome to Texas!

There’s no disputing that Texas has some of the richest land in the world. Oil. Lots of oil. That’s the start of it all. It leads to many other things that help the state, and its high school football programs, thrive financially as well as socially and athletically. Seeing it with one’s own eyes, that’s something to behold.

The goal of this article is to simply provide a glimpse of what Texas high school football is like. Giving full detail or anything close is very hard. It’s so lavish with riches that it’s almost unfathomable.

Living in Florida and covering its high school football prospects, it was interesting to see what Texas had to offer as compared to Texas. After researching it some last fall with a trip to Sherman, Texas, and now to multiple stops in the Dallas area and even Austin, it’s time to discuss Texas high school football in more detail.

Still, trying to place it into a picture for folks in the Sunshine State and other places, that’s much more difficult. Before going into sub-categories, a couple of basic notes.