a black sign with white letters: Image of AT&T (T stock) logo on a gray storefront.AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has been underperforming, as it has declined about 5% and 9% in 2021 and for the past year respectively. There has been an abundance of news since the last time I wrote about T stock.

There has been a catalyst that changes how attractive T stock is in a portfolio for income generation, as its current forward dividend and yield of $2.08 and 7.6% respectively are to be trimmed down about 50% in 2022.

I wrote last year that “while the expected growth for the next three to five years is 3.42%, this stock has an attractive dividend yield. Its forward dividend and yield are $2.08 and 7.27% respectively, compared to the average S&P 500 yield of about 1.64%.” I considered it to be a key player in the 5G industry and was optimistic.

With the pending dividend cut, I have both good news and bad news now to base my analysis on. But first, let me state by saying that the 5G industry is set to be a game-changer in areas as diverse as autonomous driving, smart cities, smart homes, healthcare and logistics and shipping.

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