“Yellowjackets,” the searing Showtime series that takes the hellishness of adolescence (and womanhood) to a new level, wraps up a season of nastiness, backstabbing and literal stabbing this Sunday.
But, with so many loose ends dangling, much like the body of the deer our Yellowjackets slaughtered and feasted upon, we’re absolutely ravenous for more information about Shauna, Taissa and Nat … and Misty, too, that terror. Like the conniving Jessica Roberts, we’ve got a lot of questions for the survivors of that doomed flight, so here are a few of the queries that keep us up at night.
We’ll channel Lottie for our premonitions– all of hers have come true so far, no? — though we know we likely won’t get all the answers we crave by the finale. But please, “Yellowjackets,” give us something to chew on while we wait for season two.